the JOSH – the Journal of Sexual Homos

art, photography, and writing by and about Homos

Issue #2 / Spring 2009

Published by Arts & Sciences PROJECTS

New York, NY

Martin Masetto

Philp Tomaru


Eric Perry


Welcome back to the JOSH.  Did you get my message?

Huh, you ask? Indeed, in this second manifestation of the JOSH, fellow Homos are invited to consider the multiple messages transmitted by our selection of art, photography, and writing. Through image making, language, code, gesture, and other channels, Homos have always been masters at crafting identities and directing personal narratives. But in this era of the 24-hour “on” mode, it’s getting harder and harder to get anyone to listen, to discern, to edit.  We hope you can find an “off” mode moment to peruse this issue of the JOSH and discover a message just for you.   – MM + PT