the JOSH – the Journal of Sexual Homos

Issue #3: Remember Me, Forget Me, Fall 2010

Dear Fellow Homos – In the third installment of the JOSH, we ask ourselves and invite you to consider memory and our collective Homo history. For this issue, guest editors John Q have assembled a diverse range of artists, scholars, and contemporary thinkers who ponder the many places we occupy in our histories. Memory, by nature, is a subjective phenomenon. Sometimes it’s better to forget certain things (that bad haircut, Thanksgiving dinners with the family, all those years in the closet), while there are other things you’d better not forget (Mom’s birthday, that dentist appointment, your first kiss). We invite our readers to dive into this issue of the JOSH with eyes wide open, ready to soak it all in. Don’t worry if you forget any of it. You can always come back to us later. –MM and PT

Guest Editors:
John Q (Wesley Chenault, Andy Ditzler, and Joey Orr)
Martin Masetto and Philip Tomaru, Arts & Sciences PROJECTS
Eric Perry

the JOSH is a limited-edition publication featuring original works by emerging and established artists, photographers, and writers. Each issue of the JOSH pivots on a central theme, providing a focal point to catalyze exploration of a range of Homo interests and pursuits. The JOSH is available at select bookstores and galleries.

#1, Fix Me, Fall 2008
#2, Did You Get My Message?, Spring 2009
#3, Remember Me, Forget Me, Fall 2010

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