Texts/Issue #3 (click on titles for PDF)

Adonis: a look back

by Skylar Fein

Doug Ischar

by David Getsy

Josh Cassidy

by John Q

Memory Flash

by John Q

His More Serious Work (Excerpts from the Search for Life in Distant Galaxies)

by Rudy Lemcke

Texts/Issue #2 (click on titles for PDF)

Speaking Through Bodies

by Iván Acebo–Choy

El Jardín de las Delicias/The Garden of Earthly Delights

by Carlos Be

Queer Pictures

by Joey Orr

Check Out These Guns (companion piece published online)

Nathaniel Fink in conversation with Joey Orr

Text/Issue #1 (click on title for PDF)

Theme and Variations on the Impossibility of Healing: this is a Fiction on (Im)mortality

by João Florêncio